Cobra Kai Logo Bandana Headband

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Cobra Kai Logo Bandana Headband Headbands


This headband features the instantly recognizable logo for the Cobra Kai dojo. In this dojo, John Kreese taught his students The Way of the Fist: Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy. Kreese’s top student, Johnny Lawrence made it to the final round of the All-Valley Karate Tournament, where he took on Daniel LaRusso. More than 30 years later, Johnny reignited his feud with Daniel, and decided to re-open the famous dojo in the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai.

You’ll have everybody shouting, “Sweep the leg!” when you wear this 23.5 inches x 3 inches Cobra Kai Logo Bandana Headband!

Perfect for cosplay, Halloween costumes, or just showing that you are a fan of the one and only Johnny Lawrence!

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Cobra Kai Logo Bandana Headband

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