Dream Fight Punch-Out T-Shirt


Dream Fight Punch-Out T-Shirt T-shirts


This Punch-Out t-shirt features the start screen for the classic video game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. The shirt shows the Pass Key 007 373 5963. By using this cheat code, a player could fight Mike Tyson without fighting any other characters to get to Tyson. The shirt also shows the video game’s quote, “Let’s Keep It Clean! Now Come Out Boxing!”.

When a player finally faced Mike Tyson in a boxing match, this was called The Dream Fight. When Punch-Out was re-released featuring Mr. Dream, the fight against Mr. Dream became the The Dream Fight. Winning The Dream Fight was always an exciting experience for any gamer because Mike Tyson and Mr. Dream were two of the toughest title characters to beat in the history of video games.

For any fan of Kid Dynamite and The Legendary, this Dream Fight Punch-Out t-shirt is a must have!

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Dream Fight Punch-Out T-Shirt

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