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Melvin Bill And Ted T-Shirt T-shirts


This Bill And Ted t-shirt features an image of Bill S. Preston and Ted Logan playing air guitars as they meet Death off below the cliff at Vasquez Rocks. The shirt reads MELVIN.

In the 1991 movie Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey, futuristic robots known as Evil Bill and Evil Ted killed Bill and Ted by throwing them over the side of a cliff. Bill and Ted’s souls were met by Death, who said Bill and Ted could challenge him for their souls. Bill and Ted escaped Death by pulling his underwear up from the front, an act known as a melvin. Death became Bill and Ted’s servant, and escorted them back to Earth, where they defeated the evil robots.

Death’s melvin is one of the most hilarious scenes in the movie that saw Bill and Ted make history once again. Show that you are a fan of the 1991 comedy classic Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey with this Melvin Bill And Ted T-Shirt!

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Melvin Bill And Ted T-Shirt

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